Menú desgustacion enoturista en Rte barahonda


Wine tasting menu in Barahonda Restaurant
  • Menu Enoturista

  • Our restaurant is spacious and comfortable, with modern design, marked by the professionalism of the staff that runs it, young but with a long experience and prestige in hospitality and catering nationwide.

    In Barahonda Restaurant, Cristian Palacio (Chef) and Sofía Sanz (Chef de Sala) have created a very personal and fun cuisine that has led them to obtain a Sun in the 2016 and 2017 Repsol Guides , and to appoint Cristian Palacio as Best Chef in the First Gastronomy Awards of the Region of Murcia. They also received the X Mursiya Mezze Award for the Best Hospitality Establishment of 2016, given by the Murcia Gourmet Club.

    • We visited: Barahonda Restaurant.
    • Languages: Spanish and English.
    • Price: € 40 per person.



    logo Bodegas Barahonda

    Bodegas Barahonda

    Carretera Pinoso km 3 30510 Yecla

    968 71 86 96

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