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We are in the town of Yecla. In 1992 we opened our doors and after years of studying the market and devoting ourselves to an increasingly numerous and adept clientele, we have designed a menu in which you can find variety, product and price, where you can taste all kinds of dishes, more traditional and innovative. We make our own creations, unique and exquisite.

In Sierra Cazorla Restaurant we have two rooms, one dedicated to the letter, where you can taste our specialties, and where you can organize all kinds of celebrations. And a second room where you can tapear and taste our roscas with freshly baked bread, daily menu that we make daily and, in the mornings, succulent lunches at popular prices.
We must not forget the wide variety of wines that we offer, belonging to the Wine Route of Yecla and the Association of Young Chefs of Europe, Euro Toques.

Tuesday to Friday from 08:30 to 17:00; Saturday from 9:30 to 17:00 and 20:00 to 00:00; Sunday from 11:00 to 17:00. Monday rest.

Spanish, English and Valencian

Booking por teléfono
968 751 002
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In Sierra Cazorla restaurant you can taste all kinds of dishes from the most traditional to the most innovative, although the main dish is the baked lamb in the style of Castilla. Kids and lambs bought directly from the pastor.

You can taste countless dishes including rice with lobster, rice with Iberian secrets, boletus and foie or rice with monkfish and plankton, gazpacho and Yeclano ...

We also have a wide variety of meat and fish purchased directly from the fish market. And desserts of own elaboration.

In winter they make delicious wooden spoon dishes.

They have two rooms, one dedicated to the letter and a second room where tapas and take the menu of the day.

Traditional dishes

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Daily menu

First course:
  • To choose between 4 dishes
Second course:
Meats / Sausages
Dessert and coffee
1 drink / 1 glass of wine

Per person € 10

Wine Tourism Menu

  • Scrambled eggs with piquillo peppers
  • Lettuce bud with peppers and anchovies
  • Monkfish and red prawn croquettes
  • Grilled Kidney Liver
To choose:
Traditional dishes
  • Yez Gazpacho
  • Rice to band -minimum 2 people-
  • Tuna tataki with sesame
  • Pork sole with prawns
  • Grilled Beefsteak
  • Grilled Iberian secret
  • Iberian sirloin with jabugo pate
Homemade dessert to choose
1 glass of wine DO Yecla DO Yecla , water

Per person € 23

Tapas and desserts

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Daily menu from Monday to Friday for € 10, which includes drink, dessert and coffee.

Executive menus for € 15. From Tuesday to Friday. The menu consists of 1st dish to choose, a 2nd dish to choose, a dessert among several.

Celebrations menus. Ask for a personalized quote.