Due to the existing situation, the contest has been carried out through the Sortea2.com platform among the 3 participants.

To guarantee anonymity of data to the Sortea2.com platform, only the tickets that have been assigned to each participant at the time of sending us their recipe have been provided and are published on our website together with the recipe, photo and / or video that they have sent : Discover the secrets that our riders send us in the fourth week

The participants have been:

  • ITM15SI5
  • P7RV5IRY

And the winning ticket corresponded to:

Draw results:

  • Draw results:

    • Lot of products from the Yecla Wine Route: 1 bottle of Bodegas Barahonda, 1 bottle of Bodegas Casta & ntilde; o, 1 bottle of Bodegas Evine, 1 bottle of Bodegas la Pur & iacute; sima, 1 bottle of extra ecological olive oil virgin of Almazara Deortegas and 1 package of Libricos de Yecla .: ITM15SI5

Check and link to the raffle: Yecla Traditional Recipes Contest. 4th Draw. Week of April 27 to May 3, 2020.

Congratulations and thank you all for your participation. This week we go back to raffle another batch of products from the Yecla wine route

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