Discover the free travel assistance insurance to the Region of Murcia. The Covid-insurance covers health, transport and accommodation expenses for national and international tourists who travel to the Region of Murcia and are infected by COVID-19.

The main objective of this measure is to provide security and tranquility to all tourists who visit the Costa Cálida - Murcia Region and stay in any of the regulated tourist establishments of the destination.

Travel safely to the Region of Murcia

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Who is it for?
To all national and international travelers (without age limit) not residents of the Region of Murcia who stay in a regulated tourist accommodation in the destination.
The policyholder will be the Institute of Tourism of the Region of Murcia and the insured will be the travelers, since they will be automatically covered by the insurance policy-Covid as soon as they have checked-in at a regulated accommodation in the Region of Murcia .

Dates of insurance coverage
The Covid-insurance of the Region of Murcia will be in force from July 1, 2021 to June 30, 2022.

Expenses that include
- Medical, surgical, pharmaceutical and hospitalization expenses
- Transportation expenses
- Expenses for extension of stay

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