Barahonda Summum 2018, with the gold medal, and Barahonda Organic Barrica 2018, with the silver medal, are the awarded wines in the III edition of VinEspaña

The Barahonda Summum 2018 and Barahonda Organic Barrica 2018 wines have been recognized with the gold and silver medals , respectively, in the III Edition of VinEspaña —VinEspaña 2021— which was held in Almendralejo (Extremadura) from April 27 to 29, 2021. Due to the coronavirus pandemic, and the subsequent confinement, the prestigious wine competition organized by the Spanish Federation of Oenology had to be suspended in 2020.

The Spanish Federation of Oenology seeks in its long history of National Wine Contests VINESPAÑA the production of high quality wines, promoting their knowledge among consumers, highlighting the award-winning wines and the wine wealth of our country. As well as contributing to the expansion of the wine culture and the progress of the sector, promoting wine knowledge. At the same time, the prestige and confidence in the competitions of this category is reinforced.

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