The prestigious wine magazine Decanter, has awarded in its annual contest the bronze medal to the church Iglesia Vieja Crianza 2014, from Bodegas La Purísima. This award is a boost to the iconic Yeclano wine that also launches this year's label.

On the other hand, Trapío 2012 has not gone empty and has achieved the blue label of "Commended". Definitely a recommended purchase.

The magazine Decanter, although it is originally from the United Kingdom, is very followed internationally. There is no wine lover who does not know this magazine. Their publications are practically tourist catalogs of the regions they speak of, with pictures worthy of framing.

Decanter calls several competitions a year, but this one is especially international. The "Decanter International Awards". They are the international wine awards, very recognized worldwide. However, they also hold the Decanter Asia Wines Awards, where wines with presence in Asian countries are awarded. In the specific case of the Decanter International Awards, the best selection of wine experts is made worldwide. Among the panel of tasters are sommeliers winners of gold medals in their countries of origin, Master of Wines, and renowned television presenters, or even editors of the great magazines of gastronomy and wine.

But Decanter and Bodegas La Purísima's relationship does not end there. Last March they made a critique of La Purísima Monastrell wine, cataloging it as "High Street Choice".

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