We start #September with excellent news to tell you, the La Purísima Monastrell wine from Bodegas La Purísima has been awarded a silver medal in the last international Mundus vini wine competition, recently held in the German city of Neustadt.

At Bodegas la Purísima they have been working hard for years so that our wines are recognized internationally. What makes you most proud is seeing how you enjoy their wines, but the fact that international competitions also value quality and the work we are doing is always a cause for celebration.

This competition was founded by Meininger Verlag and is currently held in Neustadt (Germany) twice a year: in its Spring edition (February) and in its Summer edition (August), a competition in which we have been awarded.

Mundus Vini is currently one of the most important wine competitions in the world. About 11,000 wines are presented each year for an expert tasting jury to assess. Therefore, being part of the winners with our Monastrell is to feel very proud.

The demanding Mundus Vini jury (made up of winemakers, wine producers and distributors, as well as sommeliers and journalists from the sector) gave our La Purísima Monastrell a very high score, thus confirming that it is still a great wine (we have already won other silver medals in the Mundus Vini contests in 2013 and 2017, as well as other awards).

But what makes La Purísima Monastrell a great wine? It is a red wine made with 100% Monastrell grapes from vineyards over 25 years old and harvested by hand. It has an intense flavor, very fruity, with a sweet memory of its passage through wood, sweet and long. It is very tasty and has evocations of ripe blackberries. A feast of flavor for our palate.

Given its intense flavor, La Purísima Monastrell is perfect to accompany rice dishes with meat, eggs, grilled lamb, roast lamb, grilled red meats, stews, small game and goat cheeses. It will not disappoint lovers of good wine.

At Mundus Vini we compete with wines with a much higher price, so having received this award with a wine with a reasonable price and within everyone's reach is another reason for satisfaction. At Bodegas La Purísima they believe that wines are not a luxury, but a pleasure that everyone should be able to afford, after all they are part of our heritage.

La Purísima Monastrell is one of our star wines, but they have other wines (more reds, as well as whites and rosés) to satisfy everyone, from wine experts to the recently initiated, from lovers of strong flavors to those who They are looking for a smooth, almost diaphanous wine.

Currently from Bodegas la Purísima they deliver our wines with DO Yecla to 30 countries. Hoping in the future to take them to more territories: everyone deserves to taste quality wines, with a lot of character and affordable for all palates.

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