Yecla Wine Route awards the prizes to the winning establishments of the 9th Wine and Tapa Route. An edition that, due to the pandemic, has not been able to celebrate its now traditional “Closing Party”.

The Yecla Wine Route Association has decided to end the 9th edition of the Wine and Tapa Route. A somewhat unique edition due to the situation caused by the covid-19 pandemic, which is why the massive awards ceremony format had to be replaced by a press conference where all sanitary measures could be guaranteed.

Once again, the choice of the best cover has been highly contested, with 416 primers being admitted, which implies some 5,824 covers and stamps ; although by making a general count of the tapas served by the various establishments, according to the estimated number, it is calculated that some 42,000 tapas and glasses of wine have been served . Fact that shows the great interest and acceptance that this activity generates.

As for the winners, the prizes have gone to:

  • First Prize: Mediterráneo, from Bar Peña Turina .
  • Second Prize: Pastela Mozarabe, from Restaurante Los Chispos .
  • Third Prize: Cheek to Monastrell wine with vegetables in tempura, from Restaurante Sierra Cazorla .

The award for the establishment with the best service and attention to wine has been for:

  • Los Chispos Restaurant

As indicated by the president of the association, Aurora Picó : "It only remains to congratulate the three winners, and thank the rest of the establishments and wineries for the great work they do year after year to be able to offer a high quality contest . "

There was also time to carry out the five draws among all the complete passports collected, the lucky ones being:

  • Lucas Javier Ruiz: Winner of a VIP dinner / lunch for four at the winning restaurant, Peña Taurina.
  • Pascual Pérez: Winner of a getaway with accommodation included to another Wine Route in Spain.
  • Emilio Mario: Winner of a batch of Yecla Wine Route products.
  • Verena Levy: Winner of a batch of Yecla Wine Route products.
  • Francisco Azorín: Winner of a batch of Yecla Wine Route products.

All these awards will not have an expiration date and can be enjoyed when the situation allows it.

The culture, nature and gastronomy of a place can be discovered through wine tourism. In this sense, the Yecla Wine Route offers a complete experience that increases the number of visitors every year. Constantly working to promote events throughout the year to show the city as an authentic place of sensations.

The Yecla Wine Route has 4 wineries and some 35 associated establishments, and last year alone it attracted more than 7,000 visitors, almost 50% of them from various foreign countries.

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