Two gold medals at the Berliner Wine Trophy and a silver medal at the Mundus Vini for Barahonda wines in Berlin and Neustadt, respectively

Three Barahonda wines have been awarded at the Berliner Wine Trophy and Mundus Vini wine competitions, both held in Germany. The Campo Arriba Old Vines 2018 and Campo Arriba 2019 wines with gold medals in the Berliner Wine Trophy -summer edition- 2020 and Barahonda Barrica 2018 with a silver medal in Mundus Vini Summer Edition 2020, certify the recognition of Barahonda wines at the level international.

“Despite the current difficult situation we have managed, in cooperation with the relevant authorities and thanks to the exemplary behavior of the juries, to carry out the Berliner Wein Trophy 2020 without incident and thus fully concentrate on the 6,073 wines submitted evaluated by more than 150 different juries ”, highlights the organization of the contest held in Berlin.

For its part, from Neustadt, the organization appreciates the participation of all the wines submitted to the competition and congratulates the winners at the 27th International Wine Grand Prize
Mundus Vini, a contest in which up to 120 experts tasted and evaluated almost 4,500 wines from around the world.

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