The International Tourism Fair at IFEMA (Madrid) hosts a large "stand" from the Region of Murcia. There, among other activities, the Yecla Wine Route has made a presentation on the essence of its wines and the rise of wine tourism as a cultural, gastronomic, historical and environmental engine.

Great expectation in an act that included a wine tasting by the expert Jens Riis, who uncorked several bottles from the different wineries of the Yecla Wine Route. An experience that served to show the world from FITUR 2022 the wine tourism offer of the municipality and the excellence of the wines of the Yecla Denomination of Origin.

FITUR is the tourist showcase with capital letters. It brings together almost 7,000 participants with its more than 600 exhibitors and the presence of all the Autonomous Communities of Spain, companies and destinations from more than one hundred countries, 70 of them with official international representation. A hug to the world that each year receives tens of thousands of visitors at IFEMA, Madrid, and that this edition has featured a presentation of the Yecla Wine Route at the thousand-meter stand
square dedicated to the Region of Murcia.

“We have managed to make wine our sun, our rainfall, our know-how… It is more than a drink. It is an experience”, says Juan Pedro Castaño, vice president of the Yecla Wine Route. “FITUR is very important.
We are part of the list of tourist destinations in the Region of Murcia and we are delighted”. Words during the event held last Thursday, January 20, 2022 at the International Tourism Fair in Madrid, where the Ruta del
Vino de Yecla made a presentation of the essence of its wines and the rise of wine tourism as a cultural, gastronomic, historical and environmental engine.

“It is worth noting the great importance that wine tourism is taking in recent years. A non-mass tourism, of nature and with a great deseasonalizing power. With thousands of experiences that can be enjoyed 365 days a year and that perfectly complement the rest of the regional tourist products”, points out Rubén Soriano, coordinator of the Yecla Wine Route. “And what better way to live this experience than with a glass of 'Monastrell' in hand, a hallmark of our territory”.

Yecla Wine Route FITUR 2022 from Yecla Wine Route on Vimeo .

Tasting at FITUR with wines "Denomination of Origin Yecla"

The presentation of the Yecla Wine Route -together with Jumillas and Bullas, one of the three wine routes in the Region of Murcia- was lived with great expectation.

The well-known Jens Riis (Connecticut, USA, 1945), teacher and expert in the world of wine, offered a tasting at FITUR where he uncorked four bottles from different wineries on the Yecla Wine Route: Hécula Ecológico 2019, from Bodegas Castaño ; María Sarmiento, from Bodegas Evine; Barahonda Organic Barrica 2019, from Bodegas Barahonda; and Filarmonía MSM, from Bodegas La Purísima. “I think they are pleasant wines, which is one of the most important things about wine. They go well with food and friends; and that's the best there is! The 'Monastrell' grape has a special appeal, it is very good and it is one of the oldest in Europe”, commented Jens Riis just before the tasting. With more than thirty years of experience in the sector,
recommended the Yecla Wine Route as “a very interesting opportunity”. “In fact, people are fleeing from large masses and this type of tourism that is more open-air, clearer, with good food… is a very important attraction.”

Let us remember that the Yecla Wine Route has four wineries (Barahonda, Bodegas Castaño, La Purísima and Bodegas Evine), the Almazara Deortegas and more than twenty restaurants and rural accommodation located among vineyards where
the charismatic and delicious 'Monastrell' grape reigns supreme. In the surroundings, there are also archaeological sites, a Roman winery from the 1st and 3rd centuries AD and the imposing Mount Arabí, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. plans
infallible to enjoy the great wine and oil tourism that Yecla (Murcia) offers and that at FITUR 2022 has been made known even more to the whole world.

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