Guiasmur tourist services in the Region of Murcia has launched the "Atardeceres", a series of guided tours program through 9 Tourist destinations in the region.
These are the characteristics of the routes that will make you be "in love" with the Region.
  • More than visits to the use, it is about guided walks with tourist guides of the Murcia region experts in their field. We have simple walks of 2 km and others a little more extensive of up to 9 km. Of course, all accessible and suitable for the whole family.
  • The chosen spaces are especially recommended for the practice of walking and walks. In addition, these tours are full of places, spaces and sights of interest to get to know the Murcia region destination in a totally different way than how you had known it until now. For the more classic routes, autumn will come.
  • The start time of each route, we think, is the most suitable so as not to get hot and feel the afternoon breeze on your face while you watch the sunset . We always finish the routes in the best possible place so that you can delight and photograph the sunset. Prepare your camera and your retinas to immortalize these moments, which may have a prize.
  • Always with the safety and hygiene measures recommended by the ICTE anti COVID-19. Small groups.
  • They will always be official tourist guides of the town , experts, entertaining and entertaining. We are going to tell you things differently.
And finally, your participation may have a prize because from the first route you take with us we will give you a digital passport so that you can complete it throughout the summer. If you manage to complete the 9 destinations of the passport, you will automatically go on to participate in our great draw for a family getaway in the Region of Murcia from among those available on the tourism portal of the Region of Murcia
But there is still more, if you publish any photo on the Facebook page of Guias Mur , each of the 3 photos that you like or like the most, you will get as a prize a case of wines from one of the DO of the Region.
In Yecla they have organized two sunsets that will make you be "in love" with Yecla .
Fridays from July 17 to September 25 Sunset between wines on Mount Arabí
Saturdays from July 25 to September 25. Artardecer in Yecla

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