We present two important projects in the area of tourism for our town.

First of all we want to present you with a virtual tour of the Basilica of the Immaculate Conception. As you all know, nowadays who is not in the virtual world lacks relevance and this is one of our bets for the promotion of Yecla. As you know last year we present a website dedicated exclusively to the tourism promotion of Yecla and today we continue on that path. We want to follow that idea that our Mayor has already underlined on some occasion and that is to get all those who come to a Yeclano product to be attracted to Yecla and visit this city. We want to start importing everything we have exported.

For that and as I said at the beginning we prepared a virtual tour of the Basilica of the Immaculate in such a way that, the best of our logos that undoubtedly is the listed dome of this Yeclano temple, enter any home in the world and invite to visit and know our land. Our Basilica will again be ambassador of Yecla.

In this same order we consolidate our presence in FITUR, surely the most important tourism fair in the world, with a very clear commitment: our Ruta del

Wine in which we include culture, gastronomy and of course enology, which together is a great tourist offer.

Why only the Wine Route? Well the answer is clear: we bet in a firm way because the wine and all the culture that surrounds it is the great attraction, be that vehicle that serves so that the potential visitors of Yecla are attracted and can combine to know our parties, our heritage and our nature with the pleasant moment of sharing a table and especially wine with your friends.

And for that promotion a video has been made in which the center of the Yecla promotion will be the Wine Route and above all an event that unites culture, enjoyment and tasting of our wines. An event that is our ink night and the wine tourism marathon that celebrates our Yecla Wine Route.

Ayutamiento de Yecla, Tourism Office, Yecla Wine Route

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