The 10 participants of the Barrica al Aire Intervention contest that will be held on Saturday, July 13 from 9:00 in the Parque de la Constitución:

Abel Hernandez Modality Group (Herpard) Villamalea (Albacete)
Antonio Tárraga Alonso Individual Mode San Vicente (Alicante)
Fernando Santiago Martínez Individual Mode Yecla (Murcia)
María López Torres Individual Mode Yecla (Murcia)
Veronica Liron Sandoval Modality Group (Wingandmeart) Cartagena
Sergio Martínez Delicado Individual Mode Albacete
Rebecca Plana Perpignan Individual Mode Valencia
Laura Barriga Ramírez Individual Mode Molina del Segura (Murcia)
Laura Tortosa Ibañez Individual Mode Yecla (Murcia)
Fernando Arribillaga Martínez Individual Mode San Jose de la Vega (Murcia)

We appreciate the large number of applications received as well as the impact of artists from different provinces.

We invite you all to come to the park of the Constitution to support the artists while they develop their work live between 9:00 and 18:00 with a break at noon.

Come to the route