Once the review and evaluation process of the applications submitted to the I Salmanazar Wine Bottle Intervention Contest has been completed, the list of selected artists is made public.

The selected participants are:

  • Aaron Left
  • Francesc Biosca Soler
  • Rebeka Elizegi
  • Alberto Lazaro Blanco
  • Chema Mora Ferri
  • Andrea Hauer Guzmám
  • Silvia Buil Demur
  • Silvia Viana Chaves
  • Jesus Movellán Prieto
  • David Mediel Nettles
  • Javier Bañón Hernandez
  • Laura Barriga Ramirez
  • Lidia López Lema
  • Felipe Zuñiga
  • Ana Fernandez Calvo placeholder image

The Organization will contact all the artists to send them and collect the Salmanazar bottle.

All works must be accompanied by the artist's statement, a creative plea in which the artist himself will define the basis of his work.

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