Campo Arriba 2017, Campo Arriba Old Vines 2016, Barahonda Barrica 2016 and Carro 2017 have been recognized in the 23rd edition of the MUNDUS VINI International Wine Grand Prize

Because of the strict nature of the rules of the contest itself, the medal decoration of the MUNDUS VINI International Grand Wine Prize is limited to a maximum of 40 percent of the candidates and four of our wines have overcome this barrier.

In general, 175 members of the jury awarded 12 coveted Grand Gold medals, 600 gold medals and 1133 silver medals this year. The Barahonda wines awarded were the following:

  • Campo Arriba 2017 - Gold Medal.
  • Campo Arriba Old Vines 2016 - Silver medal.
  • Barahonda Barrica 2016 - Silver medal.
  • Carro 2017 - Silver medal.

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