FITUR 2015

The three wine routes of the Region of Murcia are presented in the 35 edition of Fitur where they can offer visitors tastings and their best offers.

The presidents of the three routes of the Wine of the Region of Murcia, Juan Pedro Castaño, Sebastián García and Paco Carreño together with the Minister of Tourism, Juan Carlos Ruiz, the Mayor of Jumilla Enrique Jiménez and the First Lieutenant of Mayor José Antonio Hernández toasting the success of this 35 edition of Fitur.

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On Friday in Fitur, Wine Route of Yecla was offered to visitors information on how to enjoy in Yecla, while savoring our typical products (Libricos de Yecla, Blessed Breads and La Purísima Cheeses), accompanied by a tasting of our best wines. The president of the RYV, Juan Pedro Castaño and the councilor of culture Jesús Verdú participated in the event.

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In the afternoon of the vierne we went to support the stand of the wine route of our Mayor Yecla Marcos Ortuño, having the opportunity to inform the president of ACEVINde the activities that Yecla Wine Route is scheduled for 2015.

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