On the night of Friday, June 12, we celebrated the V Gala Wine Route of Yecla Enoturista 2015. We have seen, as the opening song of the gala said, "if wine comes, life comes".

Many friends have been remembering that I Gala five years ago that for many was the encouragement for the beginning of a business around the now-flourishing wine tourism. It is a night in which we feel that Yecla trusts in herself, that we can all advance, that wine is capable of intoxicating many sectors and deluding the daily life and work of many families.

For this reason, it is very much appreciated the work of our wine tourists of each year who with their good work help to praise Yecla with the aroma of wine from the four winds.

This year, the Enoturist 2015 award went to Liborio Ruiz Molina, a great Yeclan archaeologist with whom we have had the luck with his great discovery of admiring the beauty and genius transmitted by the bust of the Roman emperor Hadrian.

We enjoyed the music and dance of Silvia Ponte and Sandra García and a monologue for the closure of comedian David Domínguez. The presentation and conduction of the gala was in charge of the journalist Pilar Muñoz Rodríguez.

Already dear friends and how they were also heard in the bars "Wine is health" because we continue to enjoy and know the variety of white, rosé and red wines that with our monastrel They are produced in our warehouses and warehouses.

Cartel V Gala Enoturista 2015

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