Last September 5th, Inmaculada García, Councilor for Tourism, Juan Pedro Castaño, President of the Wine Route of Yecla and Jesús Verdu, Councilor for Culture and Celebrations, accompanied by the Mayor of Yecla Marcos Ortuño, presented the Wine Fair of Yecla 2017.

The next days Friday 8 and Saturday 9 September, organized by the Hon. Yecla Town Hall with its departments of Tourism and Celebrations, Yecla Wine Route and Regulatory Council DO Yecla, is scheduled an intense weekend prior to September Eria F loaded with numerous activities.


8.30pm VII Nomination Gala Wine Route of Yecla in the Concha Segura theater, this year the wine tourism nomination RVY 2017 in D. Francisco Ortuño Millan .

The gala will be hosted by N oemí Martínez , our beloved journalist from Yca and RNE.

The gala is divided into three parts:

U na first: "The evocation of wine" by the guitarist C arlos P Inana ( ), famed guitar solo, internationally renowned accumulating numerous awards, publications, musical projects, disc editions, and a long etc.

A Second : "Nomination of Enoturist" to the Theater Director and Yeclano dramatist, D Francisco Ortuño Miñan.

And third and ú last: interpretation of guitarist Carlos Piñana with the Symphony Orchestra of M urcia, a relationship of pieces from his new album "R ubato" which recently recorded with the aforementioned Symphony Orchestra of the Region of Murcia in the auditorium of Murcia, with the orchestra direction of César Álvarez.


7.30pm in the park of the Constitution:

It escenificació Pisa n of the first grape Monastrell 2017 and the first must obtain by choirs and dance F rancisco S alzillo Y ECLA.

The must obtained will be received by the enologist of the Yecla Wine Route 2017 D. F rancisco O rtuño M iñan .

Next, the Yecla Wine Route Folkloric Festival will take place, with the participation of the following groups:

1. Choirs and dances Francisco Salzillo de Yecla.

2. Accademia delle Tradizioni Popolare "Città di Tempio". Sardinia-Italy

3. Friends of la Jota artistic grouping. Teruel

4. Jumilla choirs and dances.

During the afternoon you can taste wines and tapas offered by the Yecla Wine Route establishments: Aurora Restaurant and Sierra Cazorla Restaurant, and La Purísima, Señorío de Barahonda, Evine, Castaño and Boquera del Carche wineries at popular prices.

A few days full of folklore, gastronomy, vineyard, wine music, landscape, culture with our deepest identity and personality of Yecla organized by Yecla Wine Route, Department of Culture, Department of Tourism, Regulatory Council DO Vino de Yecla and choirs and Danzas Francisco Salzillo de Yecla.

The career of Francisco Ortuño Milan is broadly interesting:

All his life has been dedicated to training and professional experience in the area of performing arts and international relations.

Since Francisco Ortuño Millán began doing theater in Yecla in 1979, the year in which he founded the theater group Mascara whose first production was that of the musical work Jesus Christ Superstar, until today, has an extensive and deep career with a prestigious curriculum that supports:

Research artist at Université Paris 1 Panthéon-Sorbonne, New York University New York and Università Ca'Foscari in Venice.

Training in Spain, Poland, France, Italy and USA: Post-doctorate in Cultural and Artistic Engineering in the contemporary global world (Université Paris 1 Panthéon-Sorbonne, New York University and Università Ca'Foscari in Venice).

Doctorate in Theory of Literature and Arts and Comparative Literature (University of Granada).

Masters in Audiovisual Writing (Autonomous University of Barcelona) and International Relations (Three Cultures Foundation and International University of


Research artist in T eatro Internacional, Stage Direction, Dance and Technologies (iTi UNESCO Paris, State University New York at

Buffalo, The University of Kansas, Centrum Sztuki Warszawa, Rey Juan Carlos University of Madrid). Bachelor of Philosophy (Autonomous University

of Madrid), Dramatic Art (Royal School of Dramatic Art of Madrid RESAD).

He has directed numerous International Institutions, agreements or projects:

Classroom of Theater Studies University of Alcalá de Henares, Hispanoárabe Theater Center, Dramatic Center Cervantes, Space

Open Europe, Andalusian Center of Theater of the Junta de Andalucía (CAT), Spanish Center of the International Theater Institute (iTi) Universidad Rey

Juan Carlos. He has been a patron of the International Mediterranean Theater Institute Foundation (IITM) and a medal of honor for the Latin

American Theater Research (CELCIT).

Author and director of works in different languages that together with his workshops and conferences have been presented in the Mediterranean, Europe and America. Highlight their latest releases: Carmen Lilith at the Théâtre National de Chaillot and ¡Oh Cuba! Federico García Lorca at the Generalife Theater in Granada.

He has developed a wide teaching task in different universities and institutions of the world and has designed in Andalusia the contents of 5 university research groups: women and scene, theater and immigration, school of spectators, classic Andalusian theater, scene and technology.

His works have been echoed in different media, highlighting the publications as director of Public Theater (Vol1: Creation, research and public) Vol2: International / Intercultural Theater Vol3: Women and scene) and the book Planet Scene in Standing of peace and the ennead We: Terrae (to publish).

Numerous and endless list of awards and distinctions: Prize for the best performance at the National Theater Festival Ciudad de Hellín. New Spanish Young Theater (1985). New creators Ministry of Culture 1991. Scholarship for film and literature research of the Ministry of Culture Region of Murcia. Accessit Marqués de Bradomín. Trovador Prize, Tragaluz Prize, Investigative scholarship theater, dance, new technologies, Junta de Andalucía. Feria del Sur lighting award. Medal and distinction of the Latin American Research and Theater Creation Center (CELCIT). Distinction City of Yecla. In the productions or co-productions of the CAT: 7 nominations to the Max awards, two to the best show.

Since April 2014, it has the No. 2 stage box of the Concha Segura theater labeled with its name.

A whole personality, and undisputed candidate for our nomination as an RVY wine enthusiast

Then we leave you an interview with Francisco Ortuño Millan made by TELEYECLA on April 3, 2014 on the occasion of the act of labeling with his name of the box at the Concha Segura theater. The article entitled "Francisco Ortuño Millán will have a theater box Concha Segura labeled with his name" you can read it at:

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