In March, Bodegas Barahonda obtained 3 important recognitions:

  • Silver medal for Barahonda Barrica 2018 at SAKURA Japan Women's Wine Awards.
  • Gold medal for Barahonda Organic 2019 at CONCOURS INTERNATIONAL DU SALON MILLÉSIME BIO.
  • Silver medal for Barahonda Organic Barrica 2018 at CONCOURS INTERNATIONAL DU SALON MILLÉSIME BIO.


The “SAKURA” awards began their history in 2014 as the first international wine competition judged solely by women in Japan.

Chaired by Yumi Tanabe, an active wine educator and leader in Japan, this contest has gradually grown and has now become the largest and most important wine contest in Asia with more than 4,000 entries from around the world.

The results of this competition always attract attention both in Japan and abroad, as it has encouraged the evolution of new wine selection criteria from the perspective of Japanese women and a further activation of the culture and market is expected. came in Japan.


Created and managed by Sudvinbio, an interprofessional association that brings together producers and marketers from the organic wine-growing area of Occitania, Challenge Millésime Bio is the official contest of the Millésime Bio Fair, and the largest international organic wine contest.

Created in 2007, it now brings together more than 1600 organic wines produced around the world. The number of organic producers in France and abroad is increasing every year.

In 2021, 1,696 wines from 12 different countries were tasted.

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