On Saturday, February 24, 2018, the Yecla 2018 Ultra Trail will take place, in which Ruta del Vino de Yecla will collaborate in the race.

Poster of VIII Ultra Train Yecla 2018

Ultra Train registration from the website of Fondistas de Yecla: https://fondistasyecla.com/ultra-trail-yecla/

The idea with which the Fondistas Yecla club began this project is to share the challenge of touring and publicizing our municipal area, given that there is growing interest in this type of tests by many runners, mountaineers and amateurs to sports in nature. We present two beautiful proposals, both competitive:

"Tomillo Trail", with a distance of 21 km, is a nice circular route that runs along paths and tracks in the surroundings of the Sierra Salinas Nature Classroom.
"Monastrell Trail", with a distance of 58 km, is a spectacular path and path that will take us from the Sierra Salinas Nature Classroom, passing through the Yepana district of Raspay, Sierra del Carche, Sierra de las Pansas, to return again to the Nature Classroom of Sierra Salinas. In the last part of the course the participants of both tests will coincide.
The route that we propose has to be taken as a challenge, in order to enjoy more of them and be able to discover and explore beautiful corners of the Altiplano region, which will surely surprise you. With the idea of being able to spend a great day, to assist the participants and avoid possible problems, we have limited the number of registrations and at the same time we have prepared a regulation so that all the participants have basic rules of obligatory compliance.

The contribution of the collaborators and the registration fee will have a full impact on the participants and on the expenses involved in this test.

Doing the two competitive tests does not mean that it will become a mass test, since the number of entries will be 325 participants between the two tests. Basically the essence of the test remains the same: keep a limited number of participants.

Tomillo Trail is framed within the Running Mountain circuit of the Athletics Federation of the Murcia Pregion 2017-2018 and will be scoring. You can access the regulation in the FAMU link.

Monastrell Trail is framed within the Tour FAMU Trail of the Athletics Federation of the Region of Murcia 2017-2018 and will be scoring for this, as well as with 3 ITRA points.

Our idea is to attract less experienced runners and also to offer an initiation course to amateur athletes (for the Thyme Trail) and a route for more experienced runners (Monastrell Trail).

Another important area of the test is the solidarity part. From the beginning of this adventure we collaborated with the Local Assembly of the Yecla Red Cross, collecting food. This year we are going to take a step further, as part of the registration will also go to the Red Cross for its project "Now More Than Never".

Another part of the funds will also be dedicated to the Yecla Protective Society "SPANDY", a non-profit association whose task is to improve the conditions of the animal population, as well as to exercise its protection and defense.

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