The Wine Route The way to know Yecla

Contribute to the conservation of the wine tradition, olive tradition , know and promote respect for the historical, cultural, gastronomic and environmental values of our land.

This group of speakers is a real luxury for the participants of the Yecla Wine Route course

  • Palao Poveda shell. History and Architecture Professor jub. Lcda. Hª Art.
  • Miguel A. Puche Lorenzo. Literature. Doctor of Hispanic Philology. UM Professor
  • Rafaela Ortega Ortega. Oil tasting Manager Almazara DeOrtegas.
  • Pedro José Azorín Soriano. Oil Tasting Winemaker member panel tasters oil.
  • Antonio Ortuño Madrona. Ecology and Environment. Environmental Technician
  • Yuma Puche Martínez. Protocol and parties. Leda.H.'Arte.Exp Protocol and Image Consulting.
  • Alfredo Ruiz Azorín. Festivals, traditions and folklore.
  • Members Tasting Committee of the Winemakers Association of the R de Murcia.
  • María Bañón, Diego Cutillas and Gérard Michel. Tasting pairing

The Wine Route Association delivered to the popular University 100 glasses for the Wine Tasting courses. The act of delivery took place within the framework of the ninth course "The Wine Route: the way to know Yecla".


Interested persons can check vacancies in the UP office or by calling 968 75 28 94