Bodegas Señorío de Barahonda received last Friday the Mercurio Export Award 2017 granted by the Chamber of Commerce of Murcia to companies that are distinguished by their excellence in various areas of activity.

The Chamber has among its objectives to promote the productive fabric of its demarcation. To do this, it begins by paying a deserved tribute to all those companies and entrepreneurs who with their initiative and effort contribute to the formation and enrichment of this fabric, which is done through the Mercurio Awards and the Business Development Award.

The Mercurio Awards, in its six categories, are awarded to companies that are distinguished by their merits in various fields of activity: crafts, trade, export, industry, services and tourism. In the export category, as well as Bodegas Señorío de Barahonda, the yeclana Sancal Diseño company was also recognized with the award, being the only two companies in the Region of Murcia to receive the award.

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