You asked us if the photograph was recent, but no. Photography was made a few years ago by photographer Medina. We have contacted him to explain when, where, how he did it.

" The photo corresponds to the report I made to prepare the Wine Tourism Gala of the Year and the projection that was made for Liborio Ruiz as an evocation of wine, the theme The Wine is Coming, Life is Coming.

The photo is taken one April morning from Casa Marta, the Monastrell vineyard in the Castaño glass and represents the magical moment of sprouting in spring, just the one that will start soon and we hope to enjoy it again outdoors when we we can allow to leave home freely. How easy to walk through our fields, vineyards, mountains ...

As for technique, austere. I don't like to use many filters or devices, I prefer the purer image, the better. It is my philosophy. For me photography is capturing a moment, its light, color, transmitting what my eyes in the first person see at that moment. Taken with a Canon 1D and a 70/200 lens with little further editing of the image.

In the background, the lookout: Mount Arabí. As if welcoming, the approval of this sprouting, of the new spring ... And the vine asked permission of the giant that shelters it to carry its sap to every corner of its existence.

A personal wish from this closing, for our common benefit: to be able to walk again in these places of Yecla and honor those who did not overcome it and will no longer be able to.

And a toast with a good Monastrell wine for the unity, solidarity and strength of a people "

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