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This X Wine Tourism gala has been a gala of ten, honoring courage, humanity and dedication to others in those moments of darkness when the pandemic plunged the world before those who were always at the forefront of so many Yeclan superheroes.

Representing them went up on stage and told us about their experiences Juan Carlos Muñoz, head of Civil Protection of Yecla; Vanesa Morales supervisor in Health Area V and in charge of the Covid point and Sergio Puche farmer.

In this gala we have seen, in addition to a gallant Yecla, a cultural Yecla that also transcends borders with her art, counting on the company this year of Salva Espín, illustrator and comic artist for Marvel, who has created especially for this gala the poster of the Yecla's superheroes, in addition to making us smile, let us know that there are always people there at their posts ready to act at any time. Nor did he forget our heroine and hallmark, the Monastrell grape.

Also on stage were Aurora Picó, president of the Yecla Wine Route, and the mayor of Yecla, Remedios Lajara. Both commented on the value and quality of our wines and respectively gave their vision of how the Hospitality Industry was a sector especially affected by the pandemic and that the Yecla Wine Route has become Yecla's identity mark, promoting events in which wine tourists they enjoy, they know better our wines and gastronomy and our land. With the mayor of Yecla, we saw that the City Council continued to work at the service of citizens during the pandemic and motivated our wines to be consumed and celebrated not only at certain events, but also in everyday moments of their company becoming a pleasure.

As if that were not enough, the gala was enlivened by “La Banda del Vino”, who with their guitars make the music have the same punch and strength as the good DO Yecla wines falling on the glasses.

Thanks also to our "adopted Yeclano" and great communicator, the journalist Jorge García Palomo, who once again led this X Gala in a masterful way.

A Yecla has been seen who loves and makes herself loved that her talents and wines are admired everywhere and that her people are unparalleled, a toast to all her real superheroes.

Photographs courtesy of Medina.

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