Old Church Crianza

Iglesia Vieja Crianza, Bodegas La Purísma

Made with the varieties Monastrell, Syrah and Garnacha, the perfect union for a wine to reach sufficient maturity after passing through twelve months in barrels. On the nose we will find black fruit, spicy notes and pleasant nuances of scrubland. The palate has a very friendly entrance, which gradually discovers the quality of the grapes together with the toasted memories of the wood, with a very soft finish. A very modern aging wine, easy to understand, easy to enjoy, easy to pair, can you ask for more from a wine?

The Purisima Rosado 2016

La Purísima Rosado 2016
For processing, we macerate the grapes 5 hours and then ferment at low temperature to extract intensity in aromas. The nose is very cheerful, with memories of fresh fruit, raspberry. The palate is sweet, fresh, with an end that invites to continue drinking. Perfect companion for any cover. Versatile, grateful, friendly, a pleasant surprise for those who want to be surprised by a rosé wine.

White Consent 2016

Consentido blanco 2016
Made with 100% Macabeo grapes harvested at the end of August. Only the must flower is fermented in new oak barrels. After this process, it remains on its fine lees for five weeks. The result is a round wine, with unmistakable varietal aromas, tinged with oak. Ideal to enjoy it cold, in a warm and relaxed atmosphere.

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