Con la Ruta del Vino de Yecla

On the morning of Wednesday, and despite having a very tight schedule, the Minister of Economic Development, Tourism and Employment of the Region of Murcia, Juan Hernández Albarracín moved to Yecla to hold meetings with the furniture and wine sector.

In the first place, the Counselor visited the facilities of the Yecla Furniture Fair where he had the opportunity to see first-hand the remodeling works of the fairgrounds and the preparation of the new image that Feria del Mueble Yecla will have in its 54th edition. There was a meeting with representatives of the FMY executive committee, representatives of CETEM and the municipal government. During this meeting, topics such as the different proposals presented by the Mayor of Yecla, Marcos Ortuño, about the Renove del Mueble Plan were discussed. "It is vital for the furniture industry that the regional administration is committed in a determined manner to this sector, and the visit of the Director confirms this: a Director who has not come to inaugurate a contest, but wants to be involved with the sector from the foundations of a project in which he believes ", remarked the Mayor of Yecla. Also discussed were issues such as the support to the fair, the importance of the A33 highway and the evolution of FMY towards the contract and a new type of business.

Later he moved to the facilities of a yeclana winery where he was received by representatives of the Wine Route Yecla with its president Juan Pedro Castaño at the head and the DO Yecla Regulatory Council, holding a meeting in which he was presented with different questions about the wine sector and the Councilor committing to support an association such as Ruta del Vino Yecla. An entity that has achieved a very important recognition in a few years, but that needs a firm and firm commitment from our regional government, after the City Council of Yecla and the entrepreneurs of the wine and tourism sector have put everything necessary to this project is consolidated.

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