The acting Minister of Agriculture and Water, Adela Martínez-Cachá, presented today, along with the elected councilor of Yecla, Jesús Verdú, and the president of the Denomination of Origin Yecla, Pascual Molina, the VIII Yecla Wine Selection Contest, which It is celebrated next Friday, May 29.

The Minister of Agriculture Martínez-Cachá He describes as "commendable" the work of this DO and stressed that in this production area "the processes of maturation of the grape and the moments of the harvest are governed by very strict parameters", which allows, he said, "a differentiation and a product that derives from cultivation practices that generate added value ", also highlights the processes of grape selection and processing in the winery" as a basis for the quality of Yecla wines ".

On the other hand Pascual Molina, President of the PDO, has presented the different tasters that make up the tasting panel, headed by the director of the D. Adrián Martínez Cutillas Contest and notes that this edition brings together 53 samples of wines belonging to 5 of the 7 wineries registered to this PDO Yecla.

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