In the last contest The World Best Healthy Evoo WBHEC 2018/2019 Contest for Best Healthy World Oil PICUAL our monovarietal Deortegas SILVER MEDAL obtained as e l healthiest oil in Spain and second in the world for its excellent fatty acid polyphenols

These awards are given by the International Society of Oleocanthal and is the only contest in the world that by chemical analysis values extra virgins in terms of the components that contribute to improving human health through its consumption, such as the content of fatty acids (low content). in saturated and high in unsaturated) and the composition in polyphenols.

To understand the Doctor. José A. Amérigo, director of the contest, clarifies that we must know that the composition of a Healthy Extra Virgin Olive Oil means, from the medical point of view, that the oil that we are ingesting is very healthy, unlike other oils. Olive that they are not and that we can demonstrate among other things, with the level of triglycerides in the diet. Extra virgin oils low in saturated fats result in a healthy diet that will significantly improve our Cardiovascular Health.

The whole Almazara Deortegas team is especially proud of this recognition for a job well done, confirming that our organic extra virgin PICUAL is a super food allied to the health and well-being of the body

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