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Palomas del Turismo Awards 2014. Press release For the Wine Route of Yecla it is a real satisfaction to collect any recognition of the work it has been doing since its creation, from the admission to the Wine Routes of Spain, and the inclusion of Yecla in ACEVÍN (Association of Spanish Wine Cities). The associates of this Route and especially the Council, with Juan Pedro Castaño at the head, work hard because Yecla opens a place in the promotional space of wine tourism. This award is a way to objectively verify that the work of the members of the route is positive and that Yecla is being an important wine tourism destination, which contributes to the resurgence of the local economy, diversifying its product.

On October 9 the University School of Tourism of Murcia (EUTM) delivers the Doves Awards of Tourism 2014, awards that recognize the work of promotion and enhancement of the tourist image of the Region of Murcia nationally and internationally.

In this 45th Edition, the winners were:

- Routes of the Wine of the Region of Murcia.

- Meeting of Patiño gangs "Las Pelotas".

Having rescued the Harvest Festival that we celebrated on Saturday, September 27, has reinforced our identity and the hope of continuing to take care of the land because it will reward us with grateful fruits that together with a careful preparation will make distant palates think of our city and in our good work. We are also proud to bet on a sector that is one of the pillars of our local economy.

On the occasion of the Furniture fair some of our hoteliers prepare their succulent tapas to pair with the wines of the associated wineries. The Route will begin on Tuesday, September 23 and end on Sunday, September 28 (including night). The participants will be: El Olivo de Jaén, Candilejas, Tejota, Los Chispos, El Viñedo, Sierra Cazorla, Garrudo, La Paz Hotel, Tapeo Bar, Aurora Restaurant and El Sitio Gastrobar. The unique and indivisible price of the wine glass + tapa is € 2.50. The Wines have been proposed by the associated participating wineries: Bodegas La Purisima, Señorío de Barahonda, Castaño Winery and Evine Wineries.

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