The Wine Fair of Yecla, which takes place from 9 to 11 September in the town, is an ideal opportunity to discover the secrets of good wine and enjoy tourism in the Region of Murcia with the five senses.


Die Weinroute von Yecla - Monastelltrauben säumen den Weg in die Vergangenheit

The Spanish Association of Wine Cities (ACEVIN) during the past 2 and 3 June, organized the annual meeting of Wine Cities of Spain and Wine Routes of Spain, taking place the "Meeting of the Management Committee of Routes of the Came from Spain ", the meeting of the" Board of Directors of Acevin "and the" General Assembly of ACEVIN "in the town of Toro Zamora, coinciding with the Wine Fair VINTORO organized by the Regulatory Council of the said Denomination.


On Friday, May 20, the Yecla San Isidro PDO Wine Quality Contest 2016 was held, this being the IX edition of the same, in which the Yecla Protected Designation of Origin puts the quality level of its wines to the test , to be able to select those elaborations that are more outstanding, for it the organization of the Contest always bet to incorporate prestigious professionals who contribute their wisdom and experience to the tasting panel, specialized journalists, winemakers and sommeliers.

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