Yecla has a very active cultural life . Important exhibitions and art competitions are promoted, conference cycles organized by citizen cultural associations and institutions. An extensive and varied program of cultural activities that the reader can find on the website of the Municipality of Yecla ( ). From the Department of Culture of the City , the Municipal House of Culture and the Popular University are held hundreds of cultural events, also supporting the cultural initiatives of the Association of Butlers, with its Exhibition Hall and literary contests, the Cabildo Superior of Passionary Brotherhoods , with a program of cultural and religious events coinciding with Lent.

The Association of Friends of Music is carrying out an important work of musical diffusion through the Music Band and the Municipal School of Music. Fruit of the work, is the obtaining of the 2nd Prize to the best Band of Music and Prize to the best Director, granted to D. Ángel Hernández, in the prestigious International Contest of Bands "FLICORNO D'ORO", celebrated in the Italian city of Riva of the Garda. Being the only Spanish band awarded in this notorious contest.

The Municipal School of Fine Arts carries out a great work both teaching and dissemination of local artists. The Literary Athenaeum and the Poetic Circle organize and promote all kinds of literary cultural activities, with cycles and periodicals on the subject.

The "Francisco Salzillo" Choir and Dance Group , the "Arabí" Folkloric Group , the Peña Taurina and the "Odeón" Cinema Club also have a prominent role in the cultural life of the city.

The House of Culture , houses the Municipal Archaeological Museum "Cayetano de Mergelina" and the "Replica Museum of El Greco (works of the Yeclano painter Juan Albert Roses)". In the same dependencies, there is the Municipal Public Library , considered among the most important in the region by the index of readings and bibliographic funds. Within it are the Castillo Puche Foundation and the bibliographic and documentary deposit Pablo Corbalán. It also has the Municipal Historical Archive that contains a complete documentation of municipal character, in addition to a very complete notarial documentation in its sections of notarial archives of Yecla and Jumilla.

The "Concha Segura" Theater maintains a continuous program throughout the year that welcomes the most important figures and companies of theater, music, dance, opera, etc. It is part of the Regional and National Theater and Auditorium Network.