The wine route Association of Yecla , expresses its total disagreement against the installation of a swine farm in the vicinity of Monte Arabí , considering that it seriously harms the wine and rural tourism in the area, which will be seriously affected by the smells and discomforts that this type of exploitation generates.

We understand that at no time has it been taken into account that Monte Arabí is a Natural Area protected by its geological importance and its rich heritage, nor that this space is protected from the cultural point of view by UNESCO for the Rock Paintings cataloged as Cultural heritage of Humanity.

Said installation would be against the aims that the Wine Route Association of Yecla pursues, such as favoring the development of ENOTURISM , and the enhancement of the vast natural, landscape, environmental, cultural, historical heritage, Etc.

For all this, the Wine Route Association of Yecla shows its displeasure and the resounding rejection of the serious attack that this installation would involve in the vicinity of Monte Arabí on our heritage, and we join the rest of institutions, associations and other entities that fight under the motto: SAVE THE MOUNT ARABÍ


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