On Friday, May 20, the Yecla San Isidro PDO Wine Quality Contest 2016 was held, this being the IX edition of the same, in which the Yecla Protected Designation of Origin puts the quality level of its wines to the test , to be able to select those elaborations that are more outstanding, for it the organization of the Contest always bet to incorporate prestigious professionals who contribute their wisdom and experience to the tasting panel, specialized journalists, winemakers and sommeliers.

The tasting was held at the Yecla Protected Designation of Origin headquarters and was directed by Mr. Adrián Martínez Cutillas. The Contest is organized by the Regulatory Council of the Denomination of Origin Yecla and sponsored by the Municipality of Yecla and is officially recognized by the Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Environment.

The contest has been carried out with the blind tasting procedure, thus guaranteeing the impartiality and anonymity of the wines submitted for examination. The rules for wine competitions approved by the International Organization of Vine and Wine (OIV) apply. The tasting sheet approved by the OIV and the International Union of Oenologists is used.

Depending on the qualifications obtained, three types of prizes are awarded: San Isidro Awards 2016 for "gold", "silver" and "bronze" for each of the six categories in which the wines are classified: white, pink, red without wood of the 2014 and 2015 harvests, reds with wood of the 2014 and 2015 harvests, reds with wood of the 2013 and previous harvest and sweet wines.

The proclamation of winners and awards ceremony was held at a gala dinner offered on the evening of the same day 20 at the restaurant Barahonda de Yecla, with the assistance of regional and local political representatives and practically all the wine sector of the PDO Yecla.
The wines tasted in the "Yecla San Isidro 2016 Wine Contest", have had an excellent level, consolidating even more the bases of this small Denomination of Origin to achieve its maximum national and international projection.

The tasters

Director of the Competition, Adrián Martínez Cutillas : Director of the Contest of the Kingdom of Monastrell, Director of the Contest of the wines of the DO Bullas, Director and researcher of the IMIDA.

Fernando Riquelme Ballesteros : is a professor at the University School of Food Technology and a scientific researcher at the Higher Council for Scientific Research at the Center for Edaphology and Applied Biology of the Southeast (CEBAS-CSIC). He was a professor at the School of Agricultural Engineers of Orihuela. He has published numerous articles on Monastrell wines in different specialized magazines. He has been Jury in numerous wine competitions, and is also organizer of the National Contest of Wines Guild of the Kingdom of Monastrell, of which he is president.

José Ignacio Fernández Fernández: Researcher of the viticulture and enology team of Imida, sworn in numerous wine competitions.

Salvador Manjón Estela : Director of the Wine Week, jury in numerous wine competitions among which the Concours Mondial de Bruxelles stands out.

Juan Manuel Ibáñez : Manager and owner of wine clubs (Vinoselección, Grand Cru and ElMundovino) for more than three decades. OIV official taster, having participated as such in numerous international competitions (Concours Mondial de Bruxelles, Bacchus, Mundus Vini, Sélections Mondiales des Vins) and national competitions. Freelance collaborator of different media (El Mundo, La Razón, elmundovino, Sobremesa).

Encarna Gómez Plaza : Professor in the area of Food Technology at the University of Murcia, where she teaches the subject of Enology and related degrees and directs the research group "Agrochemistry and Food Technology". She is the author of numerous scientific publications in both popular and high impact scientific journals and reviewer of some of the best scientific food technology journals. He is a member of several oenological associations in Spain and abroad and is Cofrade de Mérito of the Kingdom of Monastrell Wine Brotherhood.

Rocío Gil Muñoz : PhD in Chemistry. Researcher of the Imida since 2005. Head of the Viticulture Department of the IMIDA since 2008. Responsible for the Quality of the Oenological Laboratory of Jumilla. Jury of the Contest of the Brotherhood of the Monastrell in the last three editions.

Jose Serrano Cuadrillo : Retired ENGINEER Technical Engineer of INDO (National Institute of Designations of Origin) of the Ministry of Agriculture. He was head of the Quality Service of Products of the Vine, trainer of tasting panels of the Regulatory Councils from the 80s of last century until recent dates, delegate of Spain in the Expert Group "Wine Technology" as well as other components Groups of the International Wine Organization (OIV), coordinator of the Experimentation Working Group on Viticulture and Oenology. Professor, writer and lecturer in matters related to wine.
Commander of Number of the Order of Agrarian, Fishing and Food Merit, Honorary President of the Jumilla PDO Regulatory Council, Cofrade de Honor of the Monastrell Kingdom Wine Brotherhood, among others.

Margarita Lozano Ruíz : Member of the Spanish Union of Wine Tasters (UEC), of the International Federation of Wine Journalists and Writers (FIJEV), of which she is part of the Steering Committee, and of the Spanish Association of Wine Journalists and Writers ( AEPEV). She is a Professor in the Permanent Training Classroom of the University of Granada. In 2000 he created the AllWines publishing house, with La Etiqueta, the first Spanish economic magazine dedicated to wine, beer and spirits, and the official magazine of the Union of Spanish Associations of Sommeliers, as well as other publications with international vocation. Today she is the editor of the quarterly Sommelier - La Etiqueta.

Joaquín Tomás Velasco : Director and Promoter of the Wine Show: "Wines With the Most Personality of Castilla La Mancha". Taster in National Competitions. Professor in Courses of the Popular University of Albacete and in the DO Manchuela. Presenter and director of the Section "La Cata" in the TV program of Castilla La Mancha (rtvcm) "LA VINOTOCA". Collaborator of the radio program "Coloquios del Vino" in EsRadio and Radio COPE: "LA CATA DE COPE". Columnist in the newspaper La Tribuna de Albacete and Mas Que Alba.

José Luis Murcia García : José Luis Murcia holds a PhD in Journalism from the Complutense University of Madrid, a journalist specialized in wine and gastronomy. He publishes in El Mundo, El Correo del Vino, Gourmets and La Semana Vitivinícola. Co-director of the Specialist Course in Gastronomic Information of the Complutense University. Director of Conferences and parallel activities of Enofusión and World Bulk Wine Exhibition, Amsterdam. Jury of various national and international competitions and author of several books.

Colin Harkness , taster of the panel International Wine and Spirits Competition (IWSC), Agent for Spain of the IWSC and Enological Critic.

Cristina Tierno Conde , Director of the agency Efecto Directo, specialized in drinks and gastronomy, Master in Viticulture, Enology and Wine Marketing. Member of the UEC (Spanish Union of Tasters), FIVEJ and AEPEV (Spanish Association of Journalists and Writers of Wine), AMS (Association of Sommeliers of Madrid) and jury of competitions.

Peer F Holm Since 2008: Fully self-employed independent professional with Wein & Wissen. Consulting and training activities related to wine and gastronomy. Since 2013: Vice President of the Association of Sommeliers of Germany, responsible for Internet, social networks, international affairs and communication.
Officially authorized sensory expert to evaluate wines and sparkling wines; Certification of the DLG until December 2019. Member of the jury of numerous contests and wine contests.

The awarded wines

Category 1.- Targets.

San Isidro de Oro
Estío 2015, from Bodegas La Purísima.
San Isidro de Plata
Castaño Macabeo-Chardonnay 2015, from Bodegas Castaño.
San Isidro de Bronce Ex Aequo
Spinal domain white 2015, from Bodegas Castaño.
Conde de Montornés 2015, from Bodegas Enrique Trenor Lamo and Espinosa.

Category 2.- Pink.

San Isidro de Oro
Espinal Domain 2015, by Bodegas Castaño.
San Isidro de Plata Ex Aequo
La Purisima 2015, from Bodegas La Purísima.
Estío 2015, from Bodegas La Purísima.
San Isidro de Bronce
Castaño Monastrell 2015, from Bodegas Castaño.

Category 3.- Reds without wood of the 2014 and 2015 harvests.

San Isidro de Oro Ex Aequo
Castaño Monastrell 2015, from Bodegas Castaño.
La Purísima Monastrell 2015, from Bodegas La Purísima.
San Isidro de Plata
Old Hand Joven 2014, from Bodegas La Purísima.
San Isidro de Bronce
Carro 2015, from Bodegas Barahonda.

Category 4.- Reds with wood from the 2014 and 2015 harvests.

San Isidro de Oro
Barahonda Summun 2014, from Bodegas Barahonda.
San Isidro de Plata
Barahonda Organic 2014, from Bodegas Barahonda.
San Isidro de Bronce
Santa 2014, from Bodegas Castaño.

Category 5.- Reds with wood from the 2013 harvest and earlier.

San Isidro de Oro
Casa Cisca 2012, by Bodegas Castaño.
San Isidro de Plata Ex Aequo
Premiun 2012, from Bodegas La Purísima.
San Isidro de Bronce Ex Aequo
Demuerte 2013, from Bodegas Barahonda.
Episten nº 3 2013, from Bodegas Barahonda.

Category 6.- Sweet wines.

San Isidro de Oro
Bellum el Remate 2014, from Bodegas Barahonda.
San Isidro de Plata
Castaño Monastrell Dulce 2013, from Bodegas Castaño.
San Isidro de Bronce
Enesencia 2013, from Bodegas La Purísima.

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