For the evaluation of the best video, the jury was formed with representatives of the Wine Route of Yecla, the DO of Yecla and representatives of the Tourism Office:

1 David Azorín - Director CRDO Yecla
2 Mª Teresa Ruiz - Vice President of Wine Route of Yecla
3 Adela Bernabeu - Vocal Wine Route of Yecla
4 Blanca García - CRDO Yecla Technician
5 Conchi Hernández - Vocal CRDO Yecla
6 Ascent Forte - Yecla Tourism Office
7 Sandra Puche - Yecla Wine Route Treasurer
8 Alejandro Marco - Wine Route of Yecla Vocal
9 Rubén Soriano - Wine Route Coordinator of Yecla

After visualizing the videos, each jury was voted, with the video being the most voted by the jury:

The video sent by Rosa Puche

It has been awarded with one:

Wine tourism for two people

The winner appointed by the jury will receive as prize an Enotourism Day for two people. In the morning you will visit a Yecla Wine Route winery with wine tasting and then a wine tourism menu will be offered to you in the winning establishment of the Barrica de Oro of Ruta del Vino and Tapa.

We thank the rest of the participants for sending and creating the videos, which of course has been a great job for all of us and we hope you will continue to encourage them in future editions.

We leave you the other participants

Participant: Ana María Szasz

Participant: Inés Riquelme