On Friday, December 14, 2018 at 8:30 p.m., in the Municipal Auditorium "JUAN MIGUEL BENEDITO" will be the presentation of the book by Miguel Ortuño Palao: The theme of wine in Spanish lyric with illustrations by Emilio Pascual and will be exhibited the Original Illustrations.

It is a poetic anthology of Spanish verses whose theme is wine.

Miguel Ortuño Palao, Professor of Institute, Official Chronicler, Gold Medal of Yecla, Full Member of the Royal Academy Alfonso X the Wise, author of numerous books on our city has created this work that, for full liberality, has offered to the City Council of Yecla, the Denomination of Origin and Yecla Wine Route Association to serve as a cultural tool for citizens and wine tourists who can access the most inspired poems, from Berceo to our days, on the theme of this "divine nectar" " Dedicates a special section to the poets of Murcia and Yecla. It ends with a miscellany about wine in the Bible, folklore and popular proverbs, as well as an etymology of words related to wine.

The delightful reading of this journey through poetry in the Spanish language is still more pleasing when accompanied by the exquisite illustrations of the Yeclano artist and Professor Emilio Pascual, who is in full artistic maturity and who understands and reduplicates with his watercolors, the texts compiled by our historian and linguist.

The book has been published by the triumvirate City Council / DO Yecla / Ruta del Vino and the edition has been run by Mari Paz Ortuño Ortín.

Felipe Ortuño Muñoz

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