Here you have the participants of the third draw.

Have luck in the raffle!

Bases: rules photographic draw of the #RutaVinoTapaYecla 2018

Remember that only one photograph participates in the weekly drawing . If you have done several, send only one every week to not miss a draw and have more chances of you touch the batch of products of the Yecla Wine Route, although we appreciate that you send them to us.

The lot consists of 5 bottles of wine: one from Bodegas Barahonda, one from Bodegas Casa Boquera, one from Bodegas Castaño, one from Bodegas Evine and another from Bodegas La Purísima; a bottle of extra virgin olive oil from the Almazara Deortegas and a package of the Libricos de Yecla sweet.


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