Gala night to proclaim Noemí Martínez as Enoturista 2018 for her good work and praise Yecla, its people, its wines and the Wine Route of Yecla.

Important: #entrada is #GRATUITA, but you must collect the #invitations in the #Turismo de Yecla Office, not in the theater. There are passes to complete the capacity ... That no one is missing!
We are going to have a very good time!

The Gala will be presented and conducted by the journalist Jorge García Palomo , a choral show with many surprises, in addition to the support of the Serendipity music group and the Yecla Furniture Fair.

And we will be accompanied by the performances of:

Evocation to the Wine in charge of:

David Domínguez

David Domínguez is a Yeclano, comedian, humorist, presenter and talkative. A specialist in monologues. Here we leave a small monologue extract about the supermarkets that he made on February 17, 2018.


Fran Pintadera

Fran Pintadera is an oral narrator, director of social theater. In this show stories will be told about wine: from Baco (God of wine to whom we owe admiration and respect) to stories of a tasca so familiar that it could be that of our people. There will be erotic stories of those that take the colors and toasts for the public to be part of the show. Oh! And also tongue twisters if someone is encouraged, after the second cup, to try to repeat them. And, above all, there will be humor in good company because, as the saying goes:

The wine and the friend make the path more bearable Health!


Organized by Yecla City Council, Department of Tourism, Culture and Celebrations of Yecla DO Yecla and Yecla Wine Route

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