20:00 Tasting of DO Yecla wines and tapas by Restaurante la Zaranda of Yecla Wine Route.

21:00 Daza exhibition in charge "Dance Studio Sheila Cortés".

Place: Plaza del Pedáneo Ricardo Yáñez. Raspay.

Popular prices: Cover € 2 and DO Yecla wines € 1 (Bodegas Barahonda, Castaño Winery, Evine Wineries and Bodegas la Purisima)

Festivities of Raspay

The Patron Festivities of Raspay pay homage to the Sacred Heart of Jesus and the Sweet Heart of Mary, the two patrons of the town.

There are religious and ludic acts organized by the inhabitants of the town, especially by its pedáneo mayor with contributions from the City of Yecla, which fill the streets and public places during these dates of devotion and color.

Among the most outstanding celebrations are the Sunday procession, the floral offering to the patrons, the children's activities or the evenings that make up each year a program prepared with great dedication and effort.

On a festive Saturday, the population of Raspay will triple as no one in the vicinity wants to miss such a beautiful and fun tradition.

A round trip parties

Most of the raspaleños spent the month of June mowing in La Mancha, so they could not go to enjoy their patron celebrations. The neighbors thought then that the best solution was to delay the festivities until September so that the whole town could enjoy them. And so it was done, until a few years ago the traditional date was recovered taking advantage of the fact that most of the population is retired and there are not many problems of dates. Festivities of Raspay