The wine of Yecla has Denomination of Origin since 1972 and every year is more international. With its characteristic Monastrell grape, a genuine brand of the house, the wines of the region give the palate intensity, quality and aroma. The Wine Route of Yecla (Murcia) offers a comprehensive wine tourism experience. An opportunity to enjoy the culture, nature and gastronomy of the land through the wine tradition, always in search of excellence and the avant-garde.

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"I've been recommending Yecla wine to everyone for 20 years." Words of the journalist Sergio Sauca, Enoturista of the Year 2016, in the VI Enoturista Gala of Yecla. Many thanks!

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On the night of Friday, June 12, we celebrated the V Gala Wine Route of Yecla Enoturista 2015. We have seen, as the opening song of the gala said, "if wine comes, life comes".

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Five years have passed since Yecla Wine Route launched this Initiative to award the Enoturist of the Year award to people or entities that for their work, activity, achievements, etc. enlarge or contribute to spread the name of Yecla inside and outside our borders.

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