The Cornicabra variety from Oil mill Deortegas is being very well recognized. We are very pleased with this 91-point result in one of the most important EVOO Guidelines in Spain.

Motivating us as always to continue striving and enjoying our land and this natural art that it offers us.

For those who do not know Iber Oleum, it must be said that it is, as they themselves define it, how the Guide to Extra Virgin Olive Oil from Spain, which was born with a clear objective, this being the need to group in one place the Best Virgin Olive Oils from Spain, where they can be judged according to their properties and qualities.

We can say that Iber Oleum is the presentation for anyone who wants to delve into one of the assets that our land has, being known inside and outside our borders and if we have to be proud of anything, it is this product that enriches us in everything the world.

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