Carmel Puche Carnage has joined the Yecla Wine Route . Carmelo Puche has a long tradition in the elaboration of handmade products offering the public new products made by themselves under strict hygiene measures and with the ideal of helping to eat healthy and varied.

For several years now, his efforts have been based on understanding the client, knowing what he wants and how he wants it, for this reason, they innovate every day and always look for things that can gain the trust of the client. They love to risk and innovate to be the first to offer what you are looking for.

His latest innovation has been an automatic vending machine that has placed on the door of the butcher shop with fresh produce 24 hours . In it you will be able to find rations packed in vacuum under optimal conditions of conservation and quality that are packed daily under strict hygiene measures . You will only find fresh products and in the best conditions.

Between the products elaborated by they themselves they emphasize:

  • Artisan sausages.
  • Pinchos made by hand.
  • 100% natural cooked ham made in Carmlo Puche.
  • Precooked kitchen
  • Gourmet hamburgers, barbecue chicken, beef, chicken with spinach, meat of angus, boletus with parmesan, pork or veal with caramelized onions and nuts

And remember that every day can offer something new!

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Butcher Carmelo Puche tells us:


" The Yecla Wine Route helps us discover Yecla and its tourism potential through the wine culture Throughout the year it holds events that favor respect for the historical and environmental values of our land and that lead us to live experiences unique guided by the wine and knowing our gastronomy.

In Carmelo Puche we are proud to belong to the Yecla Wine Route.
For our land,
for our wines.
Yecla, a town with wine culture "

You know Carmel Puche Carnicería, Calle Francisco Castaño, 30, 30510-Yecla, Murcia.

If you want more information and contact: Carnicerías Carmelo Puche

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