Bodegas Casa Boquera in its first year of activity has already obtained the fourth medal.

On this occasion he has obtained the Medal of Plant his wine " Casa Boquera Joven 2016 " in the international contest for wines of organic crops made by PAR authorized by the European Union, held in Germany.

Medalla de Plata Casa Boquera Joven
Silver Medal Casa Boquera Joven

This contest for the eighth time was the international wine competition under the guidance of the main sensory experts and Martin Darting, PAR tasting system increment. The transparent and verifiable evaluation offered by the PAR tasting system takes into account the general sensory effect, differentiating in this way the biodynamic wines from the variety-resistant wines.

The international prize for organic wines has become one of the most important tastings in the sector. In 2017, wineries and distributors from 25 countries with 1094 organic wines participated in the international prize for organic wines - a record of participation .

A jury of professional tasters, and the incorruptible PAR system allow an objective and therefore generally accepted evaluation of established wines. The results serve as a guide and guidance to producers and consumers.

Especially wine growers appreciate this unique opportunity to measure their level of performance compared to other countries and revalue their own production with prestigious awards.

Bodegas Casa Boquera
Caaa Boquera Joven 2016. Bodegas Casa Boquera

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