This month, Mr. José Manuel Vidal Ortuño gives us adds new strokes of Azorín and his work:

"The literary life of Azorín was long, he occupied, approximately, 73 years: from 1892 -first political chronicle in El Defensor de Yecla- until 1965 -last article published in ABC- He wrote essays, novels, theater and stories. like Castilla or Spanish readings- they taught us to look with new eyes at our literature.

He changed the conception of the novel -from the will to Salvadora de Olbena- and the literary story -white in blue or Spanish in Paris, for example-.

And even the misunderstood Azorian theater of the 20s and 30s is back in fashion, nowadays, when works such as The Invisible and Angelita successfully rise to the stage.

In addition, José Martínez Ruiz knew how to turn his life into literature through poetic books of memories; think of the confessions of a small philosopher or in Memories immemorial. And all this was partly possible due to the little respect he had for the ideas inherited, the familiarity with which he moved in the world of literature; not in vain, Azorín said that "literary genres are not a thing in themselves, but in relation to the writer".

During the second semester, he will be able to continue discovering Azorín by José Manuel Vidal Ortuño, who will give us brushstrokes about his work. The Yecla Wine Route logo is formed by a text from the book "La Voluntad" in honor of Azorín. In this way to encourage reading and knowledge of his work, Wine Route Yecla contributes to the # 50AniversarioAzorín medienat its disclosure and the photo contest "La Voluntaad". Photo contest \ "La Voluntad \"