These days Almazara Deotregas has been enriching "Fuente la Negra" carrying out a plantation with autochthonous forest plants.


With this action they intend to create in the different "ribazos" that separate the parcels, green spaces where to enhance the diversity of both wild flora and useful fauna creating shelters, alternative foods for their survival and in this way, little by little, the diversification of the Agrosystem on this farm.

The more diversity, the more possibilities ... the more life ...

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In this case they have incorporated about 420 seedlings in total of native arboreal and shrub plants such as rosemary, thyme, cistus, broom, lavender, holm oak, strawberry tree, mastic, etc ....


"By conserving these old terraced walls we offer refuge to allied fauna and flora while creating effective barriers against erosion, it has been a very beautiful experience ... we hope that everything grows happily and that in the spring we will be surprised by the flowers and our pollinating friends! ! "

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