Less is left! And if the Yecla Wine Fair was sensational last year, to improve it maybe it was just missing ... the air conditioning in the Concha Segura Theater! Recall this moment of the program 'It is not any day' of RNE held then ... Will we be cooler this time? Thank you very much to all. To enjoy.

We always wait for you on the Yecla Wine Route!

Each month the wineries and oil mills associated with the Wine Route of Yecla will deliver a batch composed of two bottles of wines or oils that most represent your company. This month Bodegas Castaño will deliver the batch of two bottles of wines to the winners of the photo contest La Voluntad. The wines that will include will be Hecula 2015 and Castaño Monastrell Ecológica Barrica . We leave your tasting for you to enjoy.

The prize of the 4 tapas and a couple of wines will be tasted at Aurora Restaurant. more information and reservation phone: Aurora Restaurant

To participate and see the bases: https://rutadelvinoyecla.com/es/azorin

If you want to visit Bodegas Castaño we leave you the link of their website where you can contact them: http://www.bodegascastano.com/enoturismo

This month, Mr. José Manuel Vidal Ortuño gives us adds new strokes of Azorín and his work:

"The literary life of Azorín was long, he occupied, approximately, 73 years: from 1892 -first political chronicle in El Defensor de Yecla- until 1965 -last article published in ABC- He wrote essays, novels, theater and stories. like Castilla or Spanish readings- they taught us to look with new eyes at our literature.

Participants of the month of July have found the Azorín text mosaic that was proposed for that month. It is located in the Arch of Isabel la Católica, in Calle Iglesia, 24. One participant sends us a photograph showing the exact location of the mosaic.
It must be said that this first contest starts with some really wonderful photos.

This August in Yecla you can enjoy wine tourism, shopping, gastronomy, visits to museums, churches and unique buildings. Check the schedules. Any questions you can call the Tourist Office of Yecla +34 968 754 104 your schedule is from Tuesday to Friday from 8:00 to 15:00; Saturdays from 11:00 to 13:00.

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